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  • borntohike
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    I would like to do this in my Quicken for Windows. The only options I have to create an account is "Connected Account" where you must select a financial institution, "Offline Account" which means it will not update security prices, or "Other Assets & Liabilities" which does not help.
  • Sherlock
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    In Quicken for Windows, you should not need to create an account as there is a built-in watch list that may be displayed in a Portfolio.  If you wanted to create additional distinct watch lists, you can do so using offline accounts with Keep the account separate to establish a holding of the securitiesNote: The price quotes of securities may be downloaded from the third-party quotes service.  The purpose of the watch list or offline account is simply to allow the quotes to be displayed in the portfolio view.
  • Ps56k2
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    to create a Watch List - without actually buying the stock, ETF, or mutual fund
    --> Tools --> Security List --> bottom left corner --> Add Security --> type in ticker -->
    the final screen will have a filled in check box [x] for Watch List

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