CC-502 with First Community Credit Union of Oregon

For over a week, I have been unable to download transactions from my First Community Credit Union of Oregon account. I receive a CC-502 error. I have called the bank and they know of no issues on their end. My login accesses 7 accounts at that bank and at least four of them have transaction to download.

* I can login into the bank using their web-based interface.
* I did a reset of the online account and the error persists.
* I restored a backup from one month ago when I was able to download transaction and the error persists.


  • Brent T
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    I have the same problem now with Midland Credit Union in Des Moines

    They just updated their Activity page to

    When I find the link on your website it has the old Activity Page which was

    Is there a way to manual re-direct the Activity page, or do you have to call Midland to get the correct online instructions? I called them and they said the problem was on your end!
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    If you haven’t already,you may want to review:
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