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I have multiple Schwab accounts that were all impacted by latest issues. I am trying to re-link one account for download- I go through the set up steps, log into Schwab, verify the approvals - go back to quicken - but when the screen comes up to either add new or link to existing - none of the Schwab accounts appear on the list? snip attached

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  • kimyx
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    I saw something like this. I had to Edit Account Details on the Schwab account that I wanted to link to, and then Deactivate the existing online services for that account. Then I restarted Quicken and was able to relink.
  • leonard kearney
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    thanks for response. The account is deactivated. The financial instution and account number fields are blank. I understand they get set up by enabeling the download. When i do that I select Schwab, it logs into schwab, all my accounts are selected. I go back to quicken, it shows all my schwab accounts - all except one are linked to correct accounts. I select link to exiting and a list comes up of all other financial institutions - but not Schwab. It's like it forgot what finacial institution it was looking for ....obviously failed.
  • i decided to create a test file and go through the set up process again and just add a new schwab account. couldnt do it - goit the schwab cc502 error.

    i switched back to my main file and tried a one step update - which worked, including updating several other schwab accounts. very puzzling.
  • still a problem - this image is what Q account looks like- when i go through the set up process i immediately get the cc 502 error - I have not even entered my id and password.
  • sorry cc-501 see image
  • Quicken Jade
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    Hello @leonard kearney, I apologize for the inconvenience regarding Charles Schwab and the issues you are experiencing, our team is working diligently to resolve them. For the CC-501 error please follow the steps on our FAQ If this still does not resolve your issue I'd recommend that you call Quicken support for further troubleshooting. Thank you! 
  • leonard kearney
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    problem appears corrected!
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