Under Manage Bills & Income Reminders, each month has 4 or 5 bills that don't show up?

Of course they all show up under "All", but when I look at each month's spending, there are always some that are missing. And there are different ones each month that are not showing. I always use the "auto" enter feature when each is created and they are all manual bills, not set up as Online bills.

Another fact that I do, but I really don't think this affects the problem I am having, is have all my bills auto entered 60 days out. That is so I can do my own "projecting" of our cash flow regarding fixed bills. After reading some other posts, I too, found the tab for Bills and Income with Projected Balances, BUT the Custome Range is not very useful. There is no place to see month by month future or past bills at a glance.


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    One reason the bills may not appear in prior months in the Bill and Income Reminders window is if the entry in the register has been altered significantly.

    If you haven't already, you may want to considered using Reminders to show in registers instead of auto entering the reminders 60 days out: open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + N, select Reminders to show in register and choose a date range

    We prefer the Projected Balance view because we're able to view multiple accounts.  We manually enter our bill reminders when the payment amount is scheduled and may reliably view future or past bills at a glance in the Bill and Income Reminders window: press Ctrl + J
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