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My lifetime planner is not linking to my debt reduction plan - is there a solution to this yet?

Mr. B
Mr. B Member
I've seen previous comments but have not seen a solution yet?


  • Scooterlam
    Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    edited December 2021
    Sadly, there are a fair bit of these kinds of "broken windows" in Lifetime Planner.  How, when or if they find themselves on an actively managed and prioritized demand backlog is unknown to all but Quicken Inc.   Community 'Idea posts' and in-app 'report a problem' are two ways to raise the issue and request a fix.

    Some broken features are obvious and others not so obvious...either of which has the potential for a normal user to make important decisions on faulty results.  That is, a normal user without tribal knowledge and with a reasonable expectation that the model (in a very mature piece of software) is fundamentally correct.  

    For others with a similar issue (missing debt reduction plan in Lifetime Planner), please have a look at this idea post and vote to fix it.   This helps signal to Quicken that there is a problem and gauge its severity and breadth.

    For those who can include their debt reduction plan in LTP, be aware of this bug (early payoff schedule not modelled correctly in LTP) in this idea post.  This too is still broken.  Please have a look and vote.

    Overall....check out this curated post of ideas and fixes for Lifetime Planner and vote your wants and needs.

    So... Back to a possible workaround, albeit a bit of a slowdown...

    For either issue, try using LTP's Special Expense (image) feature to model any one-time and recurring expenses related to your debt-reduction plan scenario.  But, be sure to avoid any "double-dipping" of expenses when modelling this "special expense".  That is, the expenses (or those additional expenses) related to your debt reduction plan are not modelled elsewhere and included in LTP, such as in living expenses or loans.

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