Quicken for Windows and Mac Unification! PLEASE!

Quicken for Windows and Mac Unification! PLEASE!
In my tax preparation business I have many clients on Quicken for Windows. This is super convenient at tax time that they can give me their Q data which I open and print the required reports.
Clients on Mac I just can't recommend they use Q because I can't even open their Q Mac data on my Q Windows program.
For Mac only users, I recommend MoneyDance - MoneyDance Program Interface AND the Data File are Identical in both W and Mac. A MD client can give me their MD Mac data file and I can open it! on my MD Windows program. Just Oh Wow!

But still, I'd much rather that Quicken be rewritten and Unified so that the Mac and Windows Q Data File are identical in all respects and can be read directly on either platform and NOT require conversion of any kind.

Please and thank you


  • Chris_QPW
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    It would be nice, but it is never going to happen.

    They started a rewrite of Quicken Mac back in 2007 and to the day it doesn't even have the full feature set that Quicken Windows has, it is still a work in progress.  That shows the extent of how much work something like this is.

    Quicken Mac can't go to the data format that Quicken Windows is using because it is a very old database format that isn't possible to support on MacOS.  And Quicken Windows isn't about to be changed over to use the database format that they choose on the Quicken Mac because first off they choose to use features in the files that Windows doesn't support, plus in Quicken Windows replacing the database would mean pretty much a total rewrite, and then isn't going to happen for the reasons I stated.
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