EmpowerFCU CC-102

Unable to connect to the Empower Federal Credit Union through Quicken for the last 3 days. Empower said nothing wrong at their end. They said to contact Quicken. https://www.empowerfcu.com/


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    I have researched the discussions with regard to this error and have tried to set up a new account as suggested by going to Accounts and then Selecting Empower FCU... It tries to log on to Empower but cannot connect... then I select "visit you bank" and I can log in without any problem. How do I resolve this so I can download my transactions.
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    What error messages, or codes, are you receiving?
    And, what's your "Membership Valid thru" date?  You can find this at Quicken, About Quicken.

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    Hello @Prin & @rangersix,

    Thank you for coming to the Community to report the issues you are having, though I apologize that you are experiencing this. 

    If you both are getting the CC-102 there are a couple of things I will need you to do.

    Does your bank password contain special characters? If so, can I have you change it? Please change it to either not include special characters, or use punctuation (, . ? !) if special characters are needed. 

    Once that is done, try connecting to Empower FCU through Quicken again. If you are still getting a CC-102 error, you can then go to Help>Report a Problem. From there you can describe your issue and leave the logs attached so you can send those over to Quicken as well. 

    Do let us know when this is done so we can proceed with an escalation if needed, thank you!

    Quicken Alyssa

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