Quicken and Schwab Updates are NOT working after 20 hours of trying

Quicken patches for the Schwab fix won't even open to apply to the Quicken software even with VPN's, ad blockers, and security software turned off.
On my 4th attempt to update our Schwab checking account it was over $19,000 off even after clearing the duplicate transactions.
When trying to update & link five brokerage accounts at Schwab, it identifies these accounts as checking or savings accounts and I cannot override it's identification.
On one attempt to link accounts my combined accounts were over $200,000 off from my backup correct file.
I'm manually updating my six Schwab accounts and backing up that file almost daily so I don't write checks for funds I don't have.
I hope someone at Quicken can understand how serious this is during the Holidays and right at the end of tax season. I doubt I'll update my Quicken account in January if they can't fix the program.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    At this point I'd hope Quicken support folks would have a fairly good understanding of the Schwab/Quicken issue.  I'd suggest a phone call to Quicken support, allow screen sharing, and have them walk you through it.  Pick a time where you can be on the phone for several hours.
    (Early in the game I was on phone support for nearly 3 hours working through the process with the support rep, the rep clearly having to refer to other reps and/or supervisors along the way, but we finally got it done.  I'd expect that now, 3 weeks after the conversion date, thing should go faster.)
  • Gafferino
    Gafferino Member ✭✭
    Why on earth would I want to or be prepared to spend hours on the phone with customer service to fix a service they know is broken and they have ZERO solution for at this point. Quicken needs to get this fixed ASAP or customers will start dropping like flies. It is closing in on tax season and I need access to accurate account data, not accounts filled with duplications and/or dead accounts that won't update at all.
  • Tom Young
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    edited December 2021
    "Why on earth would I want to or be prepared to spend hours on the phone with customer service to fix a service they know is broken"
    Given what Quicken knows now you might not have to spend "hours" on the phone and you might get things fixed.  You can always hang up.

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