New Modern Dashboard Missing in Quicken Windows Canada?

Dave Ings
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I got the December email update today, which included a link to

which extolled the virtues of the new "Modern" dashboard, and explained how to turn it on. Except the instructions don't work on the Canadian version and there doesn't appear to be any "Modern" dashboard in the Canadian version, just the traditional one.

Can anyone confirm this new feature is missing from the Canadian version? (Which, I was also surprised to note, hasn't been updated in well over 6 months.)


  • Chris_QPW
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    Believe me you are missing anything.  Whereas the new format is sort of nice, it has 6 fixed "cards" that aren't very customizable, and the settings don't even stick after restarting.  It is a tiny step towards modernizing the Home tab, but at the rate they are going it won't replace the old Home tab functionality for years, if ever.

    The feature was added to the US version in August and the Canadian version hasn't got an update since May so it isn't possible for it to be in the Canadian version yet.

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  • garysmith87
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    Ditto what Chris said.

    The new Dashboard is so useless I deleted it from my Home page tab.

    It shows the same useless Portfolio view as the Investing Dashboard...which if you have mutual funds that aren't reported until the next day makes that view useless as it's not date sensitive.  It only shows today's date...which in my case is always zero.

    It shows Top Payees...but includes transfer you get "double" accounting of credit card payments and the transactions as they occur.  Again...useless.

    It has Uncategorized Transactions...of which I always have none.  Useless.

    Customization is minimal, if at all. I said. I just shut the entire thing off.  Why bother?

    Between these "cards" and the "Simple Investing", I think they're really over simplifying Quicken and taking things from SimpliFi and trying to incorporate them into Quicken.

    But if I wanted SimpliFi I would be using that and not Quicken.  So Quicken... what's really the point here?  Shouldn't resources be used on fixing some of the real issues in your software rather than adding views that can already be constructed within Quicken?
  • Dave Ings
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    Thanks @Chris_QPW and @garysmith87  for the quick feedback.

    I guess I'll not worry too much about this missing "feature"!

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