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On my desktop the quicken bar that lists my quicken file name obscures the master search box. Is there a way to move the search box or to remove the quicken bar with with file name?


  • jacobs
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    Yes, you can remove the filename from the top of your Quicken window. Go to Preferences > General and uncheck the box for "show file name in title bar."

    Oh, wait... that looks like Quicken Windows, not Quicken Mac. Are you running Quicken Windows under Parallels on your Mac? In that case, you need to ask this in a Quicken Windows category, as I don't know the preference settings for Quicken Windows

    That said, I'd suggest a different solution for you. Your screenshot seems to show that you have a ridiculously long file name:

    "Quicken Deluxe - Jan 2020-2020-01-10.PM01.21R-23.21 (from Wes-iMac - 2)(from 2018 MacBook Air)(from 2018 MacBook Air)(from 2018 MacBook Air)(from 201"... and whatever else beyond where it cuts off.

    Yikes! I suggest you rename your file to something shorter, for a bunch of reasons. In doing so, it will probably resolve the name running into the Search box. :)
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    Thanks - Yes, I am running Quicken for Windows through CrossOver on a Mac. I will post this in the windows forum. I have shortened the file name! Thank you!
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