My QMac2021 file won't open... again! (Found a fix)

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On October 28, 2021, my Quicken for Mac file stopped opening. You can see the original post here:

I guess the discussion was closed, because I can't add this update to it.

Today, again, my Quicken file stopped opening. Same exact problem as before.

This time, I remembered I had saved a crash report earlier in the day that had occurred some time between when I previously closed my Quicken file and when I tried to re-open it. The process that crashed was called "mdworker_shared (65288)" and the path was "/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Metadata.framework/Versions/A/Support/mdworker_shared"

In reading through the entire crash report, I didn't see a single mention of Quicken or its directories, but it seems awfully coincidental that my QMac file worked before this crash and didn't work after.

To test if this crash could have been the cause, I restarted my computer and then attempted to open my Quicken file... and it worked!! So the file itself wasn't corrupted, and I didn't have to restore from a backup.

If this happens to anyone else, perhaps notice if a process crashed before your Quicken file stopped opening, and if restarting your computer fixed it. I have no way to duplicate these conditions because I can't force the mdworker_shared process to crash.


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    @Blastphemy The "mdworker_shared" has nothing to do with Quicken; it's part of Spotlight that is involved in indexing your files. (Just Google "mdworker_shared" to read more about it.) I don't know why this background task in your macOS is crashing, but it shouldn't interfere with Quicken. My guess is that something in your Finder has crashed, and that's what's preventing selecting Quicken in your Dock to relaunch Quicken. (If this happens again, you could try Force Quit and Restart Finder. Or you could try togging out of your Users account and then logging back in; it may be easier than restarting your Mac.
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