Need Tech support - Linked checking account to investment

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I am trying to add a linked checking account to an investment account using the instructions on the website but the option is not on the edit account details tab.

After working with tech support for 1.5 hours, and no fix. I was told to post it here for developers to review.

VERY disappointed that issue wasn't elevated to the next level of tech support.


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    It is weird that Support would direct you to this Community forum to get developers to review it.  This forum is comprised mostly of other users like you and me.  There are some Quicken employees that also browse and participate here (mostly the Moderators) but this is not a primary conduit for getting information to the developers.
    Back to your issue:  What kind of investment account is it?  Taxable brokerage?  Retirement (IRA, 401k/403b, Roth IRA)?  Or some other tax deferred investment account?  Linked checking accounts can only be set up with taxable brokerage accounts.  If it is just about any other type of investment account a linked checking account cannot be set up for it and that option will not be visible on the General tab of Account Details.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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