Schwab change to "EWC+" for enhanced security - now can't use multiple QDF files

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Unfortunately, after 30 years of use, the new Schwab security update renders Quicken useless to me.  Because of the number of Schwab accounts that I manage I have 3 separate Quicken files to manage.   According to Tech II support from Quicken I can only download files for a single Quicken file which means that I can no longer download transactions to the other two files:  to quote Quicken II Support "choose the single Schwab connect file that you would like to use with Quicken".   This is not an acceptable solution at least for me, so unfortunately after tracking these three files and 23 accounts with Quicken for over 30 years I can no longer do so.   I thought that I could possibly salvage the use of Quicken by combining the three files into one, as you all can see via the Quicken Community and to quote the Quicken II Support agents "this is NOT RECOMMENDED" because it will cause corruption of the data and the integrity of the cost basis and position quantities which again makes the continued use of the product not WORKABLE for the future.  So SADLY tonight, I discontinued the automatic renewal of my subscription which ends in May 2022.


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    Would it be possible to get three different Schwab Ids that could access those accounts?

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