Account Balance Update in Citibank and Comenity bank Credit cards

For the past week or so, my account balance has not been updating in two credit card accounts. One of these is Citibank and the other is Comenity bank.

For both accounts, regular transactions appear to be downloading accurately, but the account balance has been stuck on the November 22 balance.

Both accounts are setup as Express Web Connect, and neither allows me to choose Direct Connect when I deactivate and reset the account. After doing so, transactions continue to download, but I now have a $0 balance in each account.

I would accept explanations that this was on the bank side, but two different banks with the same issue points to a quicken issue.

Presently running Version R36.48 Build Windows 10 Enterprise

Does it seem like the software is more buggy lately?


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    For the Citi credit card to get Direct Connect you have to use the financial institution Citi Cards, not Citibank.  Be sure to deactivate the account for downloading first and then do Tools -> Add Account.  And you need to select the Advanced Options to select Direct Connect:

    Note you also have to authorize this on the Citi Cards website:
    Go to and select Add Access, once you authorize this you will have 10 minutes to do the login part from Quicken.  Note the web page timer will not stop after you log in.  You have to leave that page to see it has added the Quicken data file to the authorized list.

    Be sure to link the online account to your Quicken account.  Also, because of the switch of connection types you might have some duplicate transactions to delete.
    This is my website:
  • The other Bryan
    Works like a charm. Thanks Chris!!
  • The other Bryan
    Hi Chris. Thank-you for helping me straighten out the Citicard direct connect. That works great. Unfortunately, I continue to have issues with my BJs Mastercard from Comenity Bank. There does not appear to be a direct connect option, and the express web connect is currently non-functional. When I run an update on the account, I receive no feedback whatsoever. No message in the One Step Update Progress dialogue, no transactions and no account balance. I have reset the account multiple times, disabled and re-enabled, and even started a new account.
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