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Need the ability to setup an account to accurately track restricted stock units (RSU) for income and tax reporting purposes
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  • MrMartinD
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    Yeah, been requested so many times. Every other app today has this
  • steph3838383
    Yes +1 vote that we need features for RSUs. It's kind of sad that it has been requested so many times, and all those past conversations on this forum have been "closed". Presumably closed by Quicken, but not actually fixed.
  • Bob Grisamore
    Bob Grisamore Member
    Wow, amazing. I've had RSUs since 2012 and Quicken still cannot support this. My workaround is to record as an Option that costs 0.000001$. At least that shows the value and the future vests in register view.
  • brianauld
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    I agree. I have used quicken for 15 years and something as basic as this should be supported.
  • mikek753b
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    I wish that Validation also will fix RSU related issues to track vesting properly

    I've used Schwab for the tracking, yes I need this in the Quicken, tired to jump between other vendors and have own Excel table …

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  • Jim_Harman
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    RSU tracking is currently available in Premier and up.

    QWin Premier subscription