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    orion1 said:
    I can't find where to remove the bank login info from Quicken to stop this. So do I delete my checking and savings accounts and re-create them without the account numbers and passwords?
    No. Deleting an account, together with all its transactions only make the hole you're in much deeper.
    From the account register view click the Actions gear icon and select Edit Account Details.
    Select the Online Services tab and "Deactivate" the account. This will stop the Quicken servers from doing midnight raids on your bank accounts, to download new transactions.
    Repeat for all other accounts which you no longer want downloaded transactions for.

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    All you should need to do to stop Quicken from pulling data from the financial institution's web site is deactivate the Online Services of every register referencing the financial institution;
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    UKR and Sherlock,

    Thank you both so much for the help! In all my poking around this morning, I did run across the account list and saw the deactivate setting but I didn't want to try it because I was afraid of really messing things up! Looks like I'm good to go!
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