IRS Tax Schedule 1 item 17 Self-employed health insurance deduction

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I cannot find Schedule 1 item 17 Self-employed health insurance deduction in the Category List Tax Reporting tab. What line item would I use?

Quicken please add Schedule 1 items to the Tax Reporting Tab in Category List.


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    Hi @clay

    Can you give us some additional information so we know specifically what you are looking at.  It seems as though you are looking at the "Category List" but you referenced a "Tax Reporting Tab" - but there are no "Tabs" on the Category List.  Are you talking about the "Tax Line Item" column?


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    Frank, yes when you are in the category list you can edit the category there is a tax reporting tab. but I don't think there is a self employed health ins line.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    @clay - Unfortunately there is no tax line item/form for self-employed health insurance.  Quicken generally covers most of the more commonly used forms fairly well but it comes up pretty short on tax lines/forms that are not as commonly used by the general public. 
    There is a Product Idea posted about this that you might want to read:  Scroll down through the thread and you will find some discussion about this very subject along with some comments about how some others have managed it in Quicken.  Perhaps that will be of some assistance (imperfect as it might be) to you.
    Also, if you agree with the Product Idea please be sure to cast your vote for it (immediately below the original post of that that thread).  Quicken does review these Product Ideas and the more people who vote for an idea the more likely that Quicken will at some time add it to their product development plan.

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    Thank you @Frankx , @volvogirl and @Boatnmaniac for your replies.
    I cast my vote for the Product Idea

    I use Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property.
    Quicken please consider adding Schedule 1 line items to the tax reporting tab in the Category List when you click edit. See Schedule 1 at
  • Amazing that Quicken says it uses only the most common categories (doesn't have SE Health Insurance, HSA deduction, 1/2 SE Tax, QBI deduction and other adjustments to Adjusted Gross Income) yet this version of Quicken is the Home BUSINESS & RENTAL PROPERTY which by definition should have all of those earlier listed categories. I'm not saying these categories necessarily have to import into a tax program (but it would be nice) but TTH&B should accumulate these line items so at least one can automatically enter them in the Tax Planner and then manually enter these on the related tax lines in a tax program.
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