No way to manually edit price history

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after post-dating some security transactions, I discovered that quicken seems to have made the post dated price THE CURRENT price, even though it is Not the current price.
As a result I tried to manually edit the current price but I can no longer do that the way I have always done before/The drop-down in the update box has seeming disappeared! It just does a normal internet update process.
It's been a few weeks since I did the Manual edit, but it looks like I can no longer do it.

OH, i just found part of the solution!

I played around with the program now and I found the change that has been made to security price edit drop-down. I can now edit price history!
But the problem mentioned above regarding change of current price after entering a post dated transaction still remains.


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    From the Portfolio View select the security name to bring up the Security Detail View.
    The "More" button in the upper right has the "Edit Price History" function.
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    I cannot follow how you are attempting to edit price history, but following the process below should get you to the edit history module. Select Security Detail View, the Edit price history under More.

    From there you should see the following.

    I have never had an issue editing or deleting a price.
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    It's a little hard to understand what you are saying, but I take it you entered a Buy for a date in the past and now the purchase price is appearing as the current price for the security. This will happen if there are no different prices in the price history between the purchase date and today. 

    If there are gaps in the price history, Quicken uses the most recent earlier price.

    If you have entered a price manually for a date, that price will over-ride the price from a transaction on the same date.

    See the "Hierarchy for prices" section of this Help article.
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    But the problem mentioned above regarding change of current price after entering a post dated transaction still remains.
    I have found myself at times entering a back-dated transaction (Buy, Sell, reinvest) and I enter it first with the current date, then have to fix it to the back-date.  That first error on my part puts the back-dated price in as today's price (a transaction price in the hierarchy).  That does not get removed when I change the transaction.  

    For a correctly entered, back-dated transaction, I have not seen that price get entered as a current price.
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