Cannot Edit Investment Account To Remove Direct Connect

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I am in the process of migrating to a new investment account. In this process I am going from 6 accounts to 1 unified managed account. This is going fine except Quicken is not letting me get into 4/6 old accounts to remove Direct Connect and Hide the account. When you click Edit Account nothing happens. And if I go into the Account List (and view hidden) they are not there. But they are in my normal account listing on my Home Page.

I have seen this behavior before

I do not want these polling my brokerage forever or have to look at inactive $0 investment accounts forever.

Please advise if there is a backdoor to fix this issue.


Thank you


  • Not one bit of help in 4 days? Please advise
  • Jim_Harman
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    When you say, "normal account listing on my Home page," what is the exact title of that panel?

    How are you clicking Edit Account (I assume you mean "Edit account details") if the account does not appear anywhere else?

    Perhaps you have marked the account Hidden and Separate, in which case it will be in the Other accounts part of the Separate section of the Accounts bar (normally at the bottom on the left side of your screen)
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  • Hello - in the Accounts/Investing section (Left Side) I have six accounts that are closed at my brokerage.

    Hitting the Gear/Edit Account Details only works on 2. For those 2 I have disabled Online setup. For the other 4 Hitting Gear/Account Details does nothing. Nor does Ctrl-Shift-E.

    Not marked Hidden. What is really odd is if I go Gear/Accounts List (Show Hidden), only the 2 I was able to disable Online Setup show up. The other 4 do not. So no way for me to even just hide these accounts

    Thank you
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    Just to be sure, are the accounts closed in Quicken? They will have a little red circle next to the name in the Accounts bar. 

    Have you tried doing a File > Validate and Repair?

    If the accounts are not closed and the Validate and Repair doesn't fix it, about all I can think of is restoring a backup from before when this problem started. Maybe someone else has another idea...
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  • Hello - the accounts are not closed in Quicken. Only at my brokerage.

    I have not done a Validate/Repair but that rarely works. Will try

    Restoring from a backup is a non-starter. I did go back over a month and it was still happening.

    Quicken does this far, far to often to users. Their only course of action is restore a backup. Why does their data get corrupted so easily? The only answer is a bad design that needs to be corrected.

    As a customer am I really supposed to check every feature of every account every day to make sure something did not stop working so I can restore a recent backup? Unacceptable

    No comments from Quicken Support? You would think there is some sort of backdoor to fix this and I doubt I'm the only one this has happened to......

    Thank you for your help Jim
  • Jim_Harman
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    This is a user to user forum.

    If you want assistance from Quicken Support, you must contact them directly.
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