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I bought Quicken Home and Business. I have a Mac but also has windows 10 on it.

Installed the Mac version but could not figure out how to add a House... The rest was fine, had all the investments types like RRSP available.

So installed it on Win 10. Now I can add a house and match it with a mortgage. BUT now it's a US only type of investment's/taxes.

So I'm kinda stuck: Mac cannot add house but it's Canadian accounts. PC, house but no Canadian accounts.

Do I need to uninstall, refund my purchase, go get the same product Quicken home and business but from the Canadian site? or there's a way to switch the account types to Canadian (like in the Mac version)?

version 35.31: Home, business and Rental Property


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    You need to download/install the Canadian version of Quicken H&B for Windows. The US and Canadian versions are different.

    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
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    On the question about adding a house to Quicken Mac, I suggest that you ask that question in a Mac category (go to the Home page and select New Post).  I'm sure they have some way to do a house.

    But note there isn't any "Home and Business" version of Quicken Mac.

    Note that Quicken Mac US and Canadian are the same program, just with the defaults for a few things setup differently.  Again, this is something to ask about in a Mac category.

    On the other hand, for Quicken Windows the Canadian version is a branch off of the US version, and as such is different.  What's more I believe you can't just uninstall the US version and then install the Canadian version like @Greg_the_Geek suggests.  They have different subscriptions and I believe they Quicken.com account is at a different URL too.  To switch one needs to contact Quicken support for them to refund the US purchase and purchase the Canadian version.

    Note also Quicken Mac supports downloading of transactions from both US and Canadian financial institutions.  For Quicken Windows US it only downloads US financial institutions, and Quicken Windows Canadian only downloads Canadian financial institutions.
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    Just a heads up...there is NO Quicken Mac Home & Business version...either in the US or Canada.  That product doesn't exist.

    So, when you say you want to "add a house"...do you own and live in the house...or are you using the house as an investment that you are renting?  

    Adding a house that you own, whether you live in it or as an investment, is easy to add to any Quicken version.  Just add it as an asset.

    In Quicken Windows, you can link the house asset account to a mortgage loan.  You can't do that in Quicken Mac.

    You'll have to periodically manually update the house value to reflect increase in value or improvements you've made.  Pretty sure you'll need to do this manually in the Canada version since Zillow price updates are only US.

    If you own the house as an investment and renting it out and you need to track rental income and expenses, plus send out rent notices, you'll need Quicken Home and Business Windows only.  
  • martinYYZ
    Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your help.

    On the Mac, the About says: Quicken Home & Business Version 6.4.5 (Build 604.41859.100)
    On the Win, the About says: Quicken Home, business and Rental Property Version 35.31

    I will try to get reimbursed the US product and buy the Canadian version and use Windows.

    But just FYI, on the Win version (US I guess) I was able to connect and download RBC accounts no problems.

    Also for adding a house (that I live in) the Win version you can easily add it in Others, House. But in the Mac there's just an Asset account asking you to add an amount to a register, basically just like a normal savings account, it works but not really fancy...

    Thanks again
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    It is interesting that it prints shows business for the Mac since there isn't any functionality above premier (and not much premier functional).  But clearly that is set by the subscription level.

    On downloading from RBC there very small number of financial institutions that are in both the US and Canada Win lists.

    EDIT:  I'm not sure how up to date these lists are, but here are the three for the supported financial institutions:
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