Please Post Updated Step by Step Instructions Reconnecting Account to Schwab

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Attention Quicken Administrators: Can someone please post updated EXACT step by step instructions on how we are suppose to RECONNECT our accounts for "Downloading Transaction" from Schwab after the upgrade to QUICKEN CONNECT. For example: Which option should we pick to reconnect a Traditional IRA?
Schwab & Co Inc.
Schwab 529 Plan
Schwab 529-
Schwab Bank Investor C
Schwab Bank-Web Connect
Schwab Bank-Credit Card
Schwab Bank Mortgage

Any help with this frustrating situation that has lasted so far 1 1/2 months would be appreciated. By the way.. the Administrator fix to disconnect and and reconnect the download in settings to fix the the situation is terrible. All it does it disconnect the accounts permanently. I have not been able to reconnect a single account again.


  • Reinder
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    Also, after all this, nothing was downloaded, nor were there errors. I “changed user” of quicken cloud (edit-preferences-quicken ID) to myself, and things started working.
  • jaab
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    The second step.. Migrating the dataset to "our new financial data aggregator, FDP to be able to connect your Schwab accounts" worked for me!! Please post this fix on the main thread to help as many as possible! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Hello, @jaab

    Thank you so much for reaching back out to the Community to let us know that this was helpful! I am so glad to hear it and I hope that this guide will continue to help others! I will share it where I can. Thank you!

    If you have any further questions or require assistance in the future, please reach back out as we are always happy to help!

    -Quicken September
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