standard transactions across accounts?

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I switch back and forth from my laptop and desktop, with different screens. I also resize my Q Deluxe screen to have it side by side with a statement I may be reconciling. However, for some accounts, they scale fine, while for others, the payee column will be big and I must scroll or manually resize it, and for other accounts, the whole thing ends up smaller than the width of the window with deadspace to the right side. How do I get them all to scale to the width of the window? All of my accounts are basically the same format, or can be if not, so if there's a bulk way to do this across all of the accounts, even better! thanks!


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    If you are using the same data file on different machines with very different resolutions/sizes it is doubtful you will find any settings that will make everything look good on both.

    In the case of investment accounts there is just one setting of the column widths for all accounts.  For non-investment accounts each account maintains its own column sizes.  You can push these sized to other accounts with the same account types:

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