Capital One Bank, Capital One 360 and Capital One Card Services Accounts in Quicken

I've just spent about a day getting my old Capital 360 Savings and Money Market Accounts along with my new Capital One Quicksilver Card accounts to be able to download into Quicken. I was having some of the problems describe by other posters where they were having problems/error messages wen attempting to download transactions into their multiple Capital One accounts in Quicken.

I'm posting this message so others may not have to suffer my experience. Note: Just recently I applied for a Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card. When I received it, I thought it was going to be easy to add this new account to Quicken, but nope it took some doing to figure out the correct way to add it and also work with my other older Capital one savings accounts.

In short:

1) Create a Quicken Backup file before proceeding.
2) Deactivate all Capital One/360 accounts using the edit>online services>deactivate buttons.
3) Push the add account button, a menu board will appear with various bank icons. "Don't click on the capital one or capital one 360 icons!" Instead in the search box type in Capital One. You should see various Capital One Entries but only click on the "Capital One Bank-New" option. Once you click on this it will take you to a sign in board for Capital One. Sign in with your ID and Password! Wait and it should identify any Capital One or Capital One 360 accounts you have. Place a check mark on all of them and then t select the authorize button. Wait! Quicken should then appear with you Capital one/360 accounts for you to link them. Note: Your Capital one Quicksilver Credit Card will not appear as a link or create account option here at this time. That's okay.

3) Go back to the Quicken Add Account Button (+). Click on it and again you will see the menu board with icons. Again! Don't use the icon buttons. Use the search box and search for Capital One- Card Services option. 4) Click on Capital One-Card Service Option. It will take you to the Capital One Authorization Board Again! You should see all of your Capital One/360 and Credit Card Options checked. Leave them alone!!!! Go ahead and click the authorize button again and wait.

4) After a few moments you should see your Capital One Credit Card Account appear in Quicken along with any downloadable transactions to approve.

In summary, I did this and now all of my Capital One/360 Saving Accounts and Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card account are now downloading without any problems.


  • emhamiltn
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    Thanks for the input, I spent the better part of this morning [removed] trying to fix what was working absolutely fine last night.

    I followed up through the re-linking of accounts in Step 3 (the 1st "Step 3") and it's now downloading again.

    I've seen this (or very similar issue) before a year or so back as the Quicken developers keep monkeying around and I had to use the "Capital One - New" at that time, but eventually I changed it back to the plain old vanilla "Capital One" and it had work fine up until this morning. Hopefully they just leave it alone and we can all get back to using the program as intended instead of troubleshooting software issues.
  • USMA74
    USMA74 Member ✭✭✭
    THANK YOU !!! (Now if I can only get my Schwab stuff to work right...)
  • davisrj31
    davisrj31 Member ✭✭
    Thank you for your post. I've been messing with this for hours and got absolutely no help from Quicken Support. Followed your instructions and worked immediately.
  • jeblakeak
    It worked! Cannot thank you enough for this procedure. A lot of wasted time before finding your solution.
  • vanessak55
    I have been BEYOND FRUSTRATED with the Capital One issues! I did what you said and so far, so good. But it did duplicate a transaction to my credit card to bring it to balance. Funny thing is that I have problems on my desktop Quicken but my laptop Quicken works just fine! Go figure!
    Thanks for your time and guidance!
    Merry Christmas!!!
  • mvitulli
    mvitulli Member ✭✭
    I tried this today (12/18/21) and it didn't work. I don't know what to try.
  • Dena Heathman
    This worked for me. Finally! Thank you so much @Jim1976 for finding the solution and taking the time to share it. The only small glitch was that it added opening balances to my checking and savings accounts, which were easily deleted. I really appreciate it.
  • kbasta
    kbasta Member
    been having this problem for a few months. I tried this solution but it did not resolve the problem. My Capital One accounts still show a zero balance
  • lschappa
    lschappa Member
    Worked fine for me per instructions given- no glitches noticed so far. Thanks for the share
  • Ida
    Ida Member ✭✭
    Worked perfectly after 3 days of frustration!
  • georosnc
    georosnc Member ✭✭
    When I try to update My Capital one account I get an error message that says Capital One wants to re-verify my account so I follow the process and do it. It says, Account Verified but the next time I try to update, I get the same error message. What's going on?
  • SPL
    SPL Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your note -- that worked for me! :) Schwab is still a disaster -- some sort of server problem now!!!
  • Dadman
    Dadman Member ✭✭
    Having same issue as kbaster even after doing everything suggested. Frustrating but thanks for your effort that seems to have helped so many.
  • kbeckertx
    sigh.. tried all of the above and still get the cc-501 error. Does it make a difference if you only have one account?
  • pwhatley10
    This didn't work for me. Only problem i'm having is with Capital one. Just get the repeating loop
  • mark1852
    mark1852 Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Worked for me after attempting to link for days.
  • Dbass197
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    edited January 2022
    I'm going to try the steps given by Jim1976. But I have to say that this is beyond stupid. I get that maybe this is difficult to code (else why do they keep messing it up?) [Removed-Disruptive]
  • Vani
    Vani Member ✭✭
    This worked! I've been having an issue connecting to Capital One for months now. THANK YOU!
  • actuary314
    actuary314 Member ✭✭
    I haven't had an issue with downloading transactions, but for the past couple of months Quicken hasn't been updating my online Capital One balances. I performed the ultimate sin. I switched to paper statements so I could reconcile my accounts. Hopefully, nothing too terrible will happen.
  • Terry C
    Terry C Member ✭✭
    I have been waiting for many much longer??
  • jwpaal
    jwpaal Member ✭✭
    Jim1976 - you are my hero! Thank you so much.
  • jstappfam
    jstappfam Member
    Thanks Jim1976. I will give this a try. I have "reauthorized" my Capital One accounts about a dozen times.
  • Tom Ellis
    Tom Ellis Member
    Bless you, sir! Been pulling my hair over this for many weeks; none of the suggested remedies worked till yours. I just needed to go thru the first #3, and it linked immediately to my existing Capital One account. It downloaded well, although it duplicated around 6 wks worth of transactions (didn't recognize/match all those that I had entered manually), so had to delete the duplicates by hand. Anyway, thanks so much!
  • patlm
    patlm Member
    Thank you so much. I'm so glad I found your post. None of the Quicken posts on this well known issue tell you how to fix. They just keep apologizing and thanking me for my patience. I was getting ready to canx my subscription I've been so frustrated the last TWO MONTHS.
  • JMark
    JMark Unconfirmed ✭✭✭
    Alas, this did not work for me. After the agent who took more than an hour of my time on Case #9153042: 1. the issue of my investments being incorrect is not fixed and 2. I've now lost the ability to download multiple Captial One accounts.


    Windows Quicken user since 1996

  • Jeff Greenspan
    I was able to specify the name of the account in Quicken in Step 3 and just link it.
    It took me HOURS to find this post. Quicken Support - time to archive the older useless posts and refer to this one!
  • MMalovany
    MMalovany Member
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I spent time with Intuit with no results. Have been waiting for some kind of update. Looked at this post and found the KEY "Capital One - NEW". This did the trick!
  • KFredricks
    KFredricks Member ✭✭
    It worked! Spent hours trying to follow Quicken's instructions. Thank you for taking the time to share!
  • JMark
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    edited January 2022
    OK. I got Jim1976's solution to work for me. I did this by closing and re-opening Quicken between each step. Deactivate any Capital One account currently connected and close/restart Quicken; activate the first Capital One - New account and link to existing; close/restart Quicken; activate the second Capital One - New account and link to existing; close / reopen, repeat as often as needed. 

    Finally got all three CapOne accounts activated. [Removed-Disruptive]

    Windows Quicken user since 1996

  • pwhatley10
    Been having trouble with Capital one for months. First got the CC error for months. Then in early Jan i tried again by going to my Capital one account, and "setting up online services". No CC error this time and I had hoped they fixed it. But no, Quicken created new accounts instead of linking it to my old ones.

    I tried the above suggestion, deactivated the new account and deleted them and then tried again per Jim1976's instructions and it worked! (it did download a bunch of old transactions, but manually deleted and got everything working).
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