Capital One Bank, Capital One 360 and Capital One Card Services Accounts in Quicken



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    Thanks. [Removed - Disruptive]
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    Thank you so much!!! I can download my CapitalOne accounts again!
  • Alice S.
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    Thank you! Seems to be working now.
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    This worked for me today! Thank you for posting ... Cheers!!
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    This worked for me as well, the only 'secret' was I had to 'unhide' some zero-balance Capital One accounts (savings) that I am no longer using.  The account(s) still active need to be added to Quicken, and then it all synched up per the OP instructions above.  After de-activating all Cap1 online accounts, I CLOSED Quicken then reopened it before ADDING back all the existing accounts with Capital One - NEW as the online source per the instructions in this post.  I do not have a cap1 credit card so I omitted that segment.  I did get another 

    Error Message When Updating Accounts: CC-800

    which I resolved by un-hiding my dormant Cap1 accounts and adding them back into Quicken as well. is the link for the CC-800 fix.

    After all of this it is working.  UGH.  The 'blame' I think here is that Capital One must have altered something in their online login protocols which 'broke' Quicken.
  • bdflood
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    This worked for me and is a combination of several tips I’ve read on this forum:

    1) Do a Quicken Backup (in case you have to restore this)
    2) Log into Capital One’s website, click on your profile picture, select Security from the dropdown list and under Linked Apps, discconnect Quicken.
    3) In Quicken, go to your Capital One account, click on the gear in the upper right, edit account details, Online Services tab, and Deactivate account.
    4) In this same screen, select General tab and (this is the important part), delete all information in the Financial Institution field and in the Account Number field
    5) Go back to Online Services tab, select Activate, type in Capital and select the option for Capital One Bank – New (at least this is the option that worked for me). Follow the steps to activate the account and link it to your existing Quicken account for Capital One. When I did this, the activity for the past two months finally downloaded.
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    i used the Capital one Card- CA (CA = Canada) and it worked first try. I am in US, but it worked so i am good
  • elisimpson
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    Thank you so much Jim1976!! I was able to reauthorize/relink 3 CapOne accounts in one step.

    Pretty damning that Quicken hasn't realized that we need to use "Capital One Bank-New" to get accounts to authorize correctly.
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    :) Woked, thanks.
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    Thank you thank you thank you! You're my hero! Worked when all else didn't!
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    I followed all the instructions mentioned by "bdflood" and tried using "Capital One Bank – New" as my account name (although my account is actually "Capital One 360," but I still got the "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault ..." blah, blah, blah. I've also tried selecting Capital One 360 as my account, but I just get into an endless loop of re-entering my login ID and password ...

    I just can't believe that Quicken has not solved this problem!!!
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    Capital One and Capital One 360 are not the same. Finally got my download correct when I made sure I tried it on the Capital One 360, the other one gave me the "something went wrong" message.
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    Thank you! This has resolved the Capital One problem that is still being reported in the below known issues (going on months now). Not sure why Quicken doesn't recommend this process.
  • Diver Doug
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    This has been a mental life saver!!! I have had connection issues for MONTHS. It is clear that the Quicken people don't know what they are doing. I was able to link as noted in step 3. My transactions were finally downloaded. Thank you!
  • Altoid
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    I was finally able to reactive again with the Capital One - New setup, but it's not actually downloading any of the new transactions :(
  • ToddK
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    Thank you! I have a Capital One 360 account and it refused to connect / download until I select "Capital One - New". Hopefully this will stay fixed.
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    Hopefully Quicken fixes the Capital One items that puts the wrong setup.  They keep posting its an ongoing issue when all they have to do is look at your post - December 2021 post.   They just posted with no help on this ongoing issue and all they have to do is look at this post.
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    Thank you bdflood. All 4 accounts linked!
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    Thank you Jim1976 post from December 2021, and bdflood post from February 20 (2022?). Read both posts and they are essentially the same. The process did work for me. I wonder if Quicken technical support staff reads any of the community forums???????? These posts just might assist them in a permanent solution to this "known ongoing issue".
  • RG8
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    Thank you Jim1976 post from December 2021, and bdflood post from February 20! Like many others this has been a frustration for months. I considered unsubscribing since Quicken hasn't resolved this essential feature but I've invested so much time with Quicken. Thank you!!
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