Problem with a memorized transaction that repeats in error.

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When I download transactions, there is a problem with a certain payee. The system seems to have memorized a previous split transaction. Now, when new transactions from that payee are downloaded, Quicken creates a split containing the information from the original split and applies it to the new transaction. To make the new split balance with the actual amount of the incoming transaction, the system adjusts the amount on the "Uncategorized" line accordingly. I have a lot of transactions with this payee and I'm forced to correct each one manually. I've been through my Quickfill rules and made sure those aren't the problem. Besides, Quickfill rules apply only to Categories, not to actual transactions, and in this case it seems that the transaction is what has been memorized. I don't know if I'm explaining this very well, but does anyone have an idea about how to fix this problem?


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    It sure sounds like you have a QuickFill rule you need to edit or delete. Check in Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill Rules again for this Payee.

    You have a misconception about QuickFill rules being just for categories. They can be just for categories, but they can also be complete transactions with the Amount and splits with categories and amounts. That's what it sounds like you have here. Once you open the rule, click on the Splits button and you'll see them all there, complete with amounts. And yes, when the total transaction amount is different, Quicken applies all the existing splits and adds an uncategorized split line for whatever difference there is.

    You can delete this QuickFill rule, remove some or all the amounts, delete the splits -- whatever makes most sense for the type of transaction this is. If it's purchases from Amazon which are likely to be widely different each time, you probably don't want a rule with any splits or amounts; if it's a paycheck deposit, you want a rule with all the splits where you can adjust the split amounts if your pay or taxes change.
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