How to copy a transaction from one account to another account? (Q Mac)

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How can I copy a transaction with it's categories from one account and add it to another account? I pay more of my bill with a credit card and need to carry the category information over to my checking account.


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    In general to make a copy of a transaction in another account, you would first duplicate the transaction in the first account, then drag and drop the duplicate to the second account.

    But your question concerns me. Can you describe in more detail what you're trying to accomplish and why? Is this a large split transaction with lots of categories? What kind of bill are we talking about?
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    And you shouldn't use the same transaction and categories in 2 accounts.  If you are paying a bill from 2 accounts (like checking & credit card)  you should just make the entry in one of the accounts starting with the whole amount and make one of the split lines to the other account.   So it nets out to the payment from this account.  Or there might be a completely different way you should be entering it.

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    I use the cash flow method of accounting and I have set up by categories as income. I set my categories as income so when I run my category report it reflects whether I have a plus or minus balance in the category.

    When a charge comes in on my credit card I allocate them to the appropriate category.

    When I receive my statement from my credit card company, I run a report by category and use this report to allow the funds in my checking account. Once the pay is received in my credit card account, I used the same report to reverse the charges out of the category, other words I zero them out in my credit card account. I usually have somewhere between 20 and 25 categories in this payment.

    When I was using Quicken for windows, I would memorize the transaction go in and change it from my payment to a deposit and add it into my credit card account. Quicken from Mac does not have this functionality.
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    There's nothing wrong with using cash basis, but I'm not understanding part of your methodology. If you reverse your expenses, then at the end of the year, don't you have no record of your expenses during the past year?

    The normal way of using Quicken is to record each credit card transaction in your credit card account. Then when you get your credit card statement and pay your credit card bill, you enter a single payment in your checking account as a transfer to the credit card account. This correctly decreases the balance in your checking account and decreases the balance of your credit card account. But all the expenses are unchanged, so you can run reports to see what your expenses have been. This is still cash basis accounting, because your expenses and your income are recorded when you date them in Quicken; the balance in your checking account and credit card account in Quicken should match their counterparts in the real world.
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