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I'm trying to download all transactions from a bank for 2021 - September through today downloaded the first try but 10+ tries later and I'm still unable to download any transactions prior to 9/2021. Have tried importing the QFX file and downloading directly from browser. Thanks for any input.


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    @jobergerThe length of transactions which download to Quicken is determined by the financial institution, not Quicken -- and 90 days is pretty typical.

    But often banks offer a download in QFX format. It sounds like your bank does, right? So on the bank's website, does it allow you to select the date range you want to download? If so, you should be able to  download the full year of transactions as a QFX file. Does the bank not allow this? If the bank only downloads 90 days worth of transactions, then that's probably the end of the story. You might try contacting the bank's support to ask if there's any way you can get a QFX file for the full year. 

    If you downloaded a QFX file which you think should have the full year of transactions, perhaps try creating a new Quicken File (File > New > Start from Scratch) and then import the QFX file. Quicken will import whatever transactions the bank has put in the QFX file. 
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