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Schwab downloads have incorrect attributions

BBG Member ✭✭✭
Since the debacle reconnecting to Schwab a number of download types have consistently been incorrect.  The worst so far is that both short and long term capital gains are categorised as returns of capital.  Not good for tax records for a number of reasons.  After accepting the transaction they have to be manually corrected.  I was able to send examples via the Quicken problem reporting mechanism.  There are others that are now different but it could be Schwab; what used to come as reinvested dividends now come as a dividend and a buy as an example; unlike the capital gains error this one is innocuous.  One has to pay attention.  Everyone who sees an incorrect categorisation in their downloads should report it since they seem to be reactively fixing things not proactively looking for the underlying errors, a response not unique to Quicken.  They will get it done in time, hopefully less than more and every report will help.


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