copy&paste works in some IRA investment accounts but greyed out in others

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OK, I've got a few IRAs. In the IRAs that are with a major institution and hence for which I can connect and download transactions directly, I can copy&paste without problem. This is occasionally necessary when a transaction is skipped/lost/bungled.

I also have a self-directed IRA, for which direct download is not possible. When manually adding transactions, it would be great to copy and paste an older one, but paste is always greyed out.

For the life of me, I can't find out what the difference is between the two accounts.

They are both set up as
Account type : brokerage
tax deferred : yes
show cash separate : no
tracking method : complete (positions and transactions)

online services is of course not turned on for the self-directed account.

So annoying.

Help! :)


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    It may have to do with the type of transaction you are copying and pasting. In a test file, I found that I can paste a Bought but not a BoughtX. Perhaps the transfer, being 2 transactions behind the scene, can't be pasted.
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