I can not sync

Keep getting "Unable to communicate with Quicken Cloud


  • NSRRider
    NSRRider Member
    Similar issue here... anytime I click the "resync" button at the top of the sidebar I see

    Unable to communicate with
    Quicken Cloud.

    You cannot use connected services
    while Quicken Cloud is unavailable.
    Please try again later.


    Version 6.4.5 (Build 604.41859.100)
    macOS 12.1

    I am not sure if this started when I upgraded my Mac (M1 Pro chip) to 12.1 or when I upgraded Quicken... I updated the Mac yesterday, and not sure when I upgraded Quicken exactly, but definitely within the past week.
  • JasonP
    JasonP Member ✭✭
    Same Issue: "Unable to communicate with Quicken Cloud". I also can't import bank qfx transactions files. It's been happening for 2 days. I believe it started after the recent Mac Quicken update 6.4.5 (Build 604.41859.100) for Mac 10.15.7
  • taj23
    taj23 Member
    Same issue for 2 days: Receiving "Unable to communicate with Quicken Cloud." when attempting to import bank transactions. Using Quicken for Mac Version 6.4.5 (Build 604.41859.100) on Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1
  • KRJ
    KRJ Member
    Same issue here for past 2 days. I've tried signing out & back in, uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling. Nothing has worked.
  • KRJ
    KRJ Member
    I found an old update in my downloads from late October - Version 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100). Uninstalled the newer version, rebooted, and rolled back to the October install. Didn't work, same error message "Unable to communicate with Quicken Cloud"
  • Johnchad
    Johnchad Member
    Same issue for the last 2 days - cannot sync my mobile with my desktop. Using Quicken Deluxe version 6.4.5 MacOS 12.0.1. When I hit the sync button on my desktop I receive the message: Unable to communicate with Quicken Cloud. You cannot use connected services while Quicken Cloud is unavailable. Please try again later. Has anyone gotten a response from Quicken? Tried chatting using support site but was told they were going to get a Mac support person and never heard from them again.
  • Same issue here...cannot connect to cloud. Does anyone have the solution?????
  • JasonP
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    I contacted support and apparently it is a known issues and will be fixed in the next Quicken update coming soon.
  • garysmith87
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    Apparently, this is a problem with Monterey.

    I am using Quicken Mac 6.4.5, but I'm still running Big Sur.  No issues whatsoever syncing my data to my iPhone 12 with iOS 15.2.
  • Quicken September
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    Hello, @Everybody

    Thank you all for reaching out to the Community to add to this discussion! I apologize for all of the trouble this issue has been causing you. 

    This is a known issue and must be escalated internally. If you wouldn't mind, would you all please upload log files so that we can escalate these cases?

    You may do this by navigating to Help in the menu bar at the top of your screen and then selecting Report a Problem in the dropdown menu. Please provide a short description of your issue and then select Send to Quicken.

    Once you have done this, please reach back out and let us know that this has been completed so that we may continue to assist you further. Thank you!

    -Quicken September 
  • WjK
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    I sent an email, but could not find any log files in the Quicken directories thank you
  • jacobs
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    @WjK If you use Help > Report a Problem, it has checkboxes to include the various log files -- you don't need to find them. But if you need to find the log files, Help > Show Logs in Finder will open the folder where the log files live. 
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  • Quicken September
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    Hello, @All

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process, though I do apologize for the trouble. Please make sure that you are running the latest version of Quicken as well as Signing out of Quicken and then Signing back in.

    To check for updates, please navigate to Quicken > Check for updates... in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Similarly, to sign out and back in, you may navigate to Quicken > Sign Out. Once you have verified that you are on the current version and have signed out and back in, please let us know if you are still running into this issue. Thank you and have a great day. 

    -Quicken September
  • Quicken September
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    Hi, @JasonP!

    Thank you for adding to this thread, though I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this error. This issue in particular is a known issue and a resolution is being worked on. Please bookmark it so that you may keep up to date with updates on this particular issue. Thank you and have a wonderful day. 

    -Quicken September
  • Mikey1108
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    This has been an issue for far too long now. It has made Quicken mobile virtually unusable. We need a fix ASAP.