Schwab issues for the last 3 days

enewman1912 Member ✭✭
I get "feature temporarily unavailable" when I try to login following Quicken instructions to add an account from Schwab.


  • jbowler
    jbowler Member ✭✭
    This is covered more extensively in this thread:

    There's a screenshot at the top, it happens when you enter the credentials and click ok. No, it hasn't been fixed - started happening to me today (Dec 14). It's nothing to do with Schwab, apparently it doesn't happen in the Mac version of Quicken, and Schwab is working fine - the bugs all seem to be in Quicken because they can be fixed/worked round by completely rebuilding the accounts or, sometimes, restoring from a backup (although that might be what broke my connection).
  • Beretta
    Beretta Member ✭✭
    It's not resolved until my data matches Schwab data. It currently does not!
  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    ..and for me this is not resolved until CD,Bonds and Option Prices are updated automatically...which has not happened since this transition.
  • J Mark
    J Mark Member ✭✭
    Still unable to update after going thru all the gyrations. Don't get error message when I check bottom show only results from this download. But nothing is downloaded.

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  • enewman1912
    enewman1912 Member ✭✭
    I ran Validation, fixed one data error in a non schwab account. I think I have my issue about logging in and linking accounts resolved.
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