Is it not possible to download Capital One Williams Sonoma Visa transactions?

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I just noticed that no transactions have posted since Williams Sonoma switched to Capital One. I updated all info, Capital One authorized downloads, and I get no error message when I update. Looking at prior posts, it appears to me that Williams Sonoma is yet another credit card that Quicken no longer works with. Target is another. I'm trying to determine whether to trouble shot or give up.


  • GIWalt
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    I had (and continue to have) this issue with my Pottery Barn Card. Pottery Barn is part of Williams Sonoma and likewise switched to Capital One a few months ago. I can get the Pottery Barn credit card to download transactions into Quicken but I cannot add the Capital One Card to Quickpay for paying the bill directly. Still have to do that directly on the Capital One website. See this link:

    I suspect the results are same for Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.
  • MSVA
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    Eureka. Capital One's Williams Sonoma credit card downloaded transactions today! No idea why it finally started working. Now if only Quicken could fix Target Red Card.
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