After connecting to bank - One step update, reconciled transaction balances off?

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I connected a balanced, reconciled account to the bank, one step update, one new transaction downloaded but entire register is off. How to troubleshoot please?


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    Hi @kfh000,

    Can you be more specific when you say the "entire register is off".  Do you mean that the ending balance is now wrong?  If so, please look at the opening balance of the account register and let me know if that seems to be incorrect/inaccurate.

    Get back to me and we'll go from there.


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    How did you calculate the "Opening Balance" to be used in Q?
    Did you take the most recent statement, and use that amount?  If so, did you adjust for transactions that hadn't yet cleared the bank?  Those would RAISE the opening balance.

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    I have been using quicken since 1999. I have reconciled every month. I manually downloaded transactions for years. I clicked on the link to improve my connection and entered my financial institutions credentials. I did one step update and 1 uncleared, missing transaction downloaded. Now the register is off as if the transaction was entered twice. I restored a backup and am abandoning the improve connection idea. As an aside every time I OSU it shows 24 new transactions for the account not listed in OSU but nothing changes. Also when I manually import transactions I have to close and reopen quicken for them to show in the register.
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