When I ask the Community a question, where does their response show up?

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On my initial use of the Community forum---about less than an hour ago---I was--and still remain somewhat uncertain--where the responses show up. Several of the responders sent me an email--each of which I replied to---but is an email response the standard means used within the Community? Or, should I wait on-line at the Community forum for 15 to 20 minutes in expectation of someone sending me a reply?


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    Someone also sent me an email telling me that several of the Community users had responded to my question and that I needed to return to the forum to read those responses. I'm now back at the forum but I don't know how to find those earlier responses to my query. Please HELP, so I can learn how to navigate within and to Community users.
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    Any responses show up on in the forum on your post.   You can get an email if you have that  selected.   This is a user to user message board, not a chat line.  So it may take a while for someone to reply to your post.   

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    When you come to the forum if you click on your icon in the upper right of the forum you can click on the "My Discussions" to view links to all of the questions you have asked.

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