Best practices for Payee field for transfers and single time payees?

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When I used QWin for years, I always left the Payee field blank for transfers or stuff like Paypal transactions through Ebay where it's a random seller that I don't want filling up my payee list (over 1,000 since 2014 now, so that didn't workout so great).

So I'm curious, is there any best practice in this area? Lately I've taken to using "Paypal" for any one-off transaction with a seller on a marketplace and the bank name for transfers between accounts. QMac always wants to suggest a payee, so it's suggestive that I ought to use some string here.

Any thoughts? Thank you!


  • jacobs
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    I would just use the bank name or "PayPal" or "Ebay" for the payee. Basically, the same as what you'd see on a bank statement or credit card statement. You can fill in any details you may want, such as the seller and/or what you bought, in the Memo field. 
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