Downloaded Schwab year-end distributions not coded correctly.

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This year there is a problem with Schwab downloaded year-end mutual fund distribution transactions. The transactions are shown in quicken as an interest income, and there is a corresponding transaction shown as a bought transaction. But there is no distinction as to what is long term capital gains, short term capital gains, etc.

Last year in December these transactions came in correctly and were categorized as long term distribution, short term distributions and interest income for example.

My quicken it's currently running R37.37. I know that there are updates available to download : R37.52 for instance. I do not know if these updates will correct the transactions already downloaded. I suspect I will have to make several manual edits of the investment transactions already downloaded with my one step update of today December the 17th. I have a backup now. But, I do not have a backup of just prior to the one step update.

Should I continue to download and install or 37. 52 and what will that do to my file?


  • Tom Young
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    The only note associated with R34.52 is

    What's Fixed

    • Several issues that were resulting in crashes for some users.
    It's not going to correct the downloaded transactions, you'll need to make the corrections manually.
    This is a known issue with Schwab.
  • Brian McDonald
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    I noticed this as well.  Quicken added a dummy transaction Reinvint (I think with no values as I recall), and it instead did a "bought" transaction that caused my cash balances to be messed up (go negative in my case).  It should have used transactions for long and short-term capital gains (Reinvlg or Reinvsh).  I had to find and fix this manually.  The good news is that these are typically only at years end, so they have 11 months to get it fixed for 2022.   
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