AT&T and DirecTV confusion

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Since AT&T acquired DirecTV I've had trouble with Quicken confusing these monthly transactions. At first, DirecTV was billed by that name. Several months ago the billing was changed to AT&T rather than DirecTV. I can tell the difference since the phone service bill is always over $100. Any way to teach Quicken to tell the difference? The DirecTV charge downloads as POS Debit ATT*BillPayment whereas the phone service bill is ACH Debit ATT. Quicken renames both transactions as "ATT."


  • Jim_Harman
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    You could create two Renaming rules - one for DirecTV that says Payee contains POS Debit ATT and one for ATT that says Payee contains ACH Debit ATT. Remove any other lines in the renaming rules for DirecTV and ATT.

    These should over-ride any automatic renaming that Quicken is doing. 
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