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Is there a way to delete YEARS AND YEARS worth of transactions and keep the current account balances correct?


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    When To Use a Year-End Copy or a Copy File (quicken.com)

    Most SU's don't recommend splitting up your Quicken data file. Is there a reason you want to delete previous years?
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  • because the durn thing is huge.....and it's running slow...it's gotta re-draw the entire screen every time I put in a transaction. I did a YEC and it's still showing all the transactions from years past.
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    What do you consider hugh? Do you have a lot of attachments? Any unreconciled transactions will remain in your file so you can accurately reconcile your accounts. In addition, investment transactions will be retained, regardless of date range, so Quicken can accurately calculate performance and return numbers for your investments.
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    See the FAQ on the proper way to use YEC: FAQ - Year End Copy

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