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Quicken Mac 2015

led_zeppelin Member
edited January 2022 in Before you Buy
I did a clean OS install on my computer and reinstalled Quicken from my Quicken 2015 Mac cd. I have an old Mac (2009), now installed with OS 10.10.5 Yosemite.

I installed the Quicken software on the computer from my Quicken 2015 disc, but when I try to launch it, I get a window that says Register Quicken and/or Sign in with Intuit ID. When I enter the registration info and press enter I get this message, 'Please verify log in info and try again. I also tried the other option of logging in using my Intuit ID and password (I know they work on the Intuit site because I am able to to log into my Intuit account online), but when I enter my Intuit log in and password info on the Quicken startup page that requests it, I get the message 'Your user ID or password was entered incorrectly, please try again.' I tried numerous times, even copying and pasting my user ID and password from a text doc to make sure there were no typos, but no luck.

I just need to use Quicken to enter basic account info. and don’t need to do any online banking, transactions, etc. Besides, my computer will not let me upgrade to a more recent OS, and the new online versions of Quicken will not work with the OS system I have. Is there any way I can still bypass the log in page and use Quicken 2015 on my computer? Any info would help. Thanks.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The problem is that the Quicken 2015 release was when Quicken was owned by Intuit. So it's looking to log into an Intuit server using an Intuit ID. But in 2017, the then-independent Quicken moved off Intuit's servers and replaced the old Intuit ID with a new Quicken ID. The problem is that your CD contains the original 2.0 version of Quicken 2015, but after May 2017, Quicken 2015 users needed to update to version 2.8.9 in order to communicate with Quicken's servers. Can you get to the Check for Updates option on the Quicken menu? If not, or if it fails because it's looking for an update on an Intuit server instead of a Quicken server, your CD copy of Quicken 2.0 is probably going to be useless.
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  • Jacobs, thanks very much for your reply to my question. Unfortunately, I cannot get past the log in screen and 'Updates' is greyed out just like everything else. My option would be to either buy a newer computer (which I cannot do right now) and use the cloud based Quicken, or try and find the update (2.8.9) you have mentioned. If not, will a 2017 version of Quicken work instead? We have a 2017 Windows version but that is probably of no use either since I have a Mac, or can that somehow be configured to work on my Mac. Otherwise, if I can't find the update for the version I currently have and you think a Quicken 2017 version will work, I will have to try and find a 2017 Mac version somewhere.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I definitely think Quicken Mac 2017 is a tangible improvement over Quicken Mac 2015. I don't know if you can find it on eBay or somewhere. I may be able to point you in the right direction; I'll send you a private message (the envelope icon on the right side of the upper menu bar on this site).
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