Manual for Quicken Starter 6.4.5

Is there an online Manual for Quicken Starter 6.4.5, like there was a manual that you could buy at the bookstore for "Quicken for Mac" back in the day?

... I don't need a quick start guide, I need a manual that describes all the features of Quicken since I'm trying to understand the new Quicken after having used Quicken 2007 for years. /Thanks!


  • jacobs
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    No, there is no comprehensive manual or book.
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  • RickO
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    Have you clicked menu Help > Quicken Help? There's a pretty extensive set of help documents from that link. If you read through them all, it's pretty much like a manual. There are also several videos here:

    If you go through all this and are still stuck, go ahead and ask a question here. There are several old-timey Q2007 users here that can help you make sense of the new program.
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