what's up with US Bank OL-294-A error

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what's up with US Bank OL-294-A error


  • wcoombes
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    I'm getting this error too.
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  • jmchenry
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    I've also been getting this error for two days. Anyone know what is going on.
  • KennyGolub
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    I have been getting this for the last two days.
  • npppb
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    I'm getting OL-293-A this morning. First noticed the problem 12/19, last known working 12/12.

    From the connection log:
    ==== Mini-OSU Start (20211220/08:57:12) ====
    20211220 08:57:13: QFN: Beginning send to https://www.oasis.cfree.com/test.ofxgp
    20211220 08:57:14: ***QFN kQFFinished: returns 67305972
    20211220 08:57:14: We’re sorry, the server is experiencing an internal error. Try again now, or wait and try later.
    20211220 08:57:14: QFN: End send to https://www.oasis.cfree.com/test.ofxgp, netstatus 30
    20211220 08:57:14:

    Yesterday I was also seeing a message in the log about the server being overloaded.
  • Quicken Jared
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    dallred said:
    what's up with US Bank OL-294-A error
    Hello dallred,

    Typically, an OL-294-A error message indicates one of three things:

    • An internal server issue
    • An account's online services were incorrectly activated
    • The login credentials provided were incorrectly
    First, be sure to check your account connection type by going into the 'Settings' menu in the lower right-hand corner and selecting the 'Downloads' tab. Make sure this connection type is currently supported by your banking institution.

    Next, save a backup, then deactivate all of the accounts associated with US Bank by going to Settings>Downloads>Disconnect Account. Quit Quicken then go into Finder>Applications>Utilities>Keychain Access. Go to 'logins' in the left-hand panel and be sure to delete any entries that contain the phrases 'Quicken' and 'US Bank.'

    Lastly, reopen Quicken and go into Accounts>Update All Online Accounts in the menu at the top of the screen.

    Please let us know if you experience any additional issues or receive any error messages while following these steps.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared
  • randymue
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    I'm having the same OL-294-A with my US Bank downloads. I'm on my third day and I have bills to pay.
  • randymue
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    Still having OL-294-A error with US Bank. Fourth day now
  • jacobs
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    @randymue If you have tried the steps suggested by Quicken Jared above and it hasn't changed the situation, and this is a time-sensitive issue for your bill payments, you may want to contact Quicken Support by phone, even though wait times can sometime be long. (This site is mostly fellow users trying to help each others out, with some limited support from the handful of Quicken moderators, but Quicken's phone support can share your screen, see what you're seeing and look at log files in real-time instead of the slow back-and-forth of this forum.)  If this is a known issue, they will inform you. Otherwise, they will likely run through several troubleshooting steps with you (including ones that you may have already done on your own, so be patient with the process ;) ) to try to resolve the issue.
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