Schwab updates of accounts

I’m at wits end with this Schwab download debacle, have done several software updates to no avail. Finally got through to support and they wanted to screen share to try fixing, which I find insane in this day and age of account privacy etc. Anyone else have some advice on how to get my accounts back up and running.


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    My Schwab and Capital One accounts all experienced issues I couldn't resolve so I got the latest Quicken update and started adding all the accounts from scratch. Schwab accounts are still messed up. When trying to download transactions I still observe the following:
    1. Each account indicates anywhere from 10 to 83 transactions have been downloaded, but when you go to the register there is nothing new.
    2. None of the end of year dividend payments are being downloaded.
    3. Two of my account with different logins but with the same three last digits on the account number are being confused by Quicken. Quicken believes account A has no shares, and account B should contain account A shares.

    I understand product issues will occur and I'm willing to work through them, but this is a horrendous mess. I've canceled my subscription update. I will consider subscribing again if Quicken can fix these issues and offers me a free year's subscription.
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    Thanks for your update, I’m going to make one more attempt at a restart tomorrow post recent update and if that doesn’t work I’m done with Quicken. This is beyond inexcusable.
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