Schwab downloads go straight into register bypassing steps to match downloads to register entries

I updated to Quicken ver. R37.37 after the initial problems with One Step Updates started for Charles Schwab. Afterward, my first download resulted in transactions that had non-ASCII characters in some fields, others where the date placed the transaction months earlier than when it actually occurred, some as much a 2 years. Duplicate transactions were created and had to be manually deleted or have dollar amounts and dates changed.

Another attempt at reconciliation is a bust because balances from Quicken are inaccurate.

Today I performed a One-Step Update and the transactions, rather than going into the download queue so they could be matched to existing entries in my register, instead bypassed the download queue and went straight into my register, again creating duplicate transactions. These downloaded transactions were automatically flagged as “Cleared” without any effort on my part to clear them. See attached screen shots.

Downloaded credit card transactions have similar problems. Because I pay my credit card in full each month, I was charged a $25.00 late fee because a duplicated payment transaction was entered with a date from last June and was missed because balances from Quicken can't be trusted at the moment.

At present, my register balance for the credit card is still off by some $900.00 and this is after sending an additional payment of $751.46 last month. Between duplicate transactions, incorrect balances, and adjustments applied, I’m not really sure what I have or what I owe.

So, I move $900.00 from my IRA to my checking, perform a One-Step Update and a deposit shows up in the checking register, but no withdrawal or transfer shows up from the IRA. Normally both transactions show up at the same time. I must enter transactions manually and reconcile off the balances from my bank rather than what Quicken gives me.

The problem for me though, are the late fees charged because I didn’t get the correct information when all this started. I expect Quicken to reimburse me for this charge or have them reversed through Quicken or by working with my bank.

If the support team needs screen shots for what I'm talking about, I have four or five I can send.


  • Tom Young
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    "Schwab downloads go straight into register bypassing steps to match downloads to register entries"
    This behavior is controlled in a couple of places.  The first is in Preferences:
    and the second is in Account Details:

    For whatever, unexplained, reason, updating Quicken sometimes changes these things.  This could be the source of your problem.
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