Allow editing splits when editing an instance of a scheduled transaction

Many of my scheduled transactions are also split transactions—like my DWP bill, which includes charges for electricity, water, sewer and trash—and the values of each category in the split vary from month to month. When the bill arrives I'm able to update the total amount of the next instance of that transaction, but not the allocation of those funds across the split. This forces me to go back a second time, after the transaction has posted, to update the split. I would like the ability to edit the split at the same time I adjust the total amount of the bill.
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This request has been accepted by the Development team for future implementation, however there is no ETA on when this will be available. QMAC-22587


  • jeccher
    jeccher Member
    jstolller Did you find an answer? I have the same question?
  • LBeck
    LBeck Member ✭✭
    Does this help? Go to the transaction you want to replicate. Click the gear icon in that transaction. Then click "Add reminder". You can then edit how frequently you want the reminder to appear. (This was a lifesaver for me! 🙌)
  • mikeyoung13
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    1. Drag and drop the downloaded transaction over the scheduled transaction. This combine the two and set to correct total amount. Of course, a potion of split will be uncategorized.
    2. Edit the transaction to fix the split