schwab accounts not downloading transactions (again)

Multiple problems, continuing.  Too many to list or figure out.  Different problems on each of the two Windows PCs, including Quicken saying the accounts are not there and that I should delete them.  Transactions that show in the "tools/online center", but will not download, and will not let me continue on becasue they are there.  Will not let me reset accounts.  Occasionally will download older, duplicate transactions.  Now it will not let me log-on to, and when I change the password, still will not let me on.  One PC has a v. 36.57, but it says it's up-to-date when I ask about updates.  Other PC has v.37/37. 
What do I do next.  When I called support, I was asked about what messages I was getting.  Where should I start?  I hung up in frustration (after politely thanking the tech...)


  • Tom Young
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    Your problem - at least one of them - might be that with Schwab now you can only download account information to one Quicken file.  If you're running the two files on the two computers as separate files, i.e., not moving your one file back and forth between the two machines, then stop doing that. 
    Not being really sure of the differences between updates I'd suggest getting both machines on the same version R36.56 -
    If you can't get this straightened out on your own then I'd suggest calling Quicken support, enabling screen share, and trying to get it to work that way.  Do it at a time where you can stay on the phone, if need be, for a few hours.
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    For long time Quicken says to NOT use the same file on 2 computers.  I have 2 computers using 2 seperate files and both computers download Schwab just fine but the transactions are not correct YET. Been over a month now with this Schwab mess...  DON'T USE THE SAME FILE ON 2 COMPUTERS...
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    In your Schwab account at Schwab you can set in Security Center of your Profile to have more than 1 "Trusted Device". Both of my computers are Trusted at Schwab... thus 2 separate files is no issue when trusted....
    Windows 10 and Windows 11 (separate computers)..... Quicken Premier 20+ year user
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    Thanks.  I have occasionally, in the past, had one of the files cause me trouble, and I would then copy the files from the good machine over to the other one to straighten out the issue.  But lately I've been afraid to do that becasue I've not been particularly confident about either of them.  I did just "update" the v 37.37 machine to the 36.56.  I had forgotten that the 37.37 patch was withdrawn, but I still had it in my download folder and was re-installing it to try to solve my problems.  Will have to see what tomorrow brings.  Thanks again.
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