Is it possible to automatically add a tag to every transaction in a bank account?

I have 2 rental properties, and each property has its own bank account. Is it possible to set those accounts so that each downloaded transaction is automatically assigned to the correct property tag?


  • Jim_Harman
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    For repeated transactions like rent, utilities, insurance, etc. you can make Reminders that include the appropriate tags. If you enter the reminder before accepting the downloaded transaction, the downloads will match the transactions in the register, which will include the tag.
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  • LWilcox
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    Thanks @Jim_Harman, this is helpful but not exactly what I'm looking for. But it's a start!
  • Jim_Harman
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    Here is another approach, assuming the property tag is the only tag that will be applied to these transactions. This will tag multiple transactions once they have been entered into the account's register.

    -- Open the account you want to tag. 
    -- Click on the gear at the top right and select More reports then Register Report. This opens a Banking Transaction report with just the transactions for the current account.
    -- Use Click and Shft-Click to select a range of transactions you want to tag, or Ctrl-Click to select individual transactions
    -- Click on the Edit button and select Retag
    -- Enter the tag you want to apply to all these transactions.

    -- Caution --
    This will replace any tags that have already been applied to these transactions. Make sure that is what you want!

    I suggest you back up your data before trying this.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Or even simpler, for existing transactions,
    -- Open the account you want to tag
    -- use click, Shft-Click, and Ctrl-click to select the transactions you want to tag
    -- Go to Edit > Transaction > Edit transactions
    -- Review you selections
    -- At the bottom, select Replace Tag with the property tag.

    Again, this will replace any existing tag(s) with the property tag.
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