Porting quicken data to other platforms?

Dr. Dan M
Dr. Dan M Member ✭✭
Has anyone been able to port past Quicken data into other tools? I have Quicken data from 1996 onward and need to move to a working alternative. I hate to lose decades of Quicken data and would like to preserve at least some part of my data. Anyone tried exporting any part of Quicken data to another platform? Personal Capital? Excel? Open to any solution where I don't simply lose all my past financial records.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other than personal finance programs (which generally can accept a QIF export) I have found that most other "platforms" are little concerned about importing data.  They might have an export in CSV format, but that is about it.

    You can export Quicken data in QIF or Excel/CSV format (as in from a report), how hard it will be to use that data is left up to the user because there isn't any standard on the Excel/CSV format that would be used for whatever purpose you want.
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