ORNL FCU not loading



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    [Removed - Rant]
  • Loganrun
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    Can anyone explain in layman terms what exactly the problem is? It's been near 3 months with this issue and there has been little if any explanation as to where the problem lies. I would think Quicken would have seen this issue before or do we place blame on the credit union and its third party IT department? One frustrated member.
  • flyfishertn
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    Loganrun ... I last spoke to an ORNL VP on January 26 .. the problem is on their end ... agree, it's very frustrating ...
  • bizmail
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    The alert marked "ONGOING 4/28/22 ORNL Federal Credit Union - CC-503/CC-502" seems to be resolved by deactivating the acct and reactivating using the new ORNLFCU upgrades.
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    bizmail > my link is working except you have to enter a 2nd layer authentication code each time you download ...
  • bizmail
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    I'll have to retry tomorrow. You might contact ORNLFCU
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    I received an email from ornlfcu about upgrade procedures beginning may 8. Also on their web site.
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