Tracking Investments without Ticker Symbol in Schwab 529 Account

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I recently opened up a 529 at Schwab, and have selected their Aggressive Portfolio Index (Fund Number 19668). This fund is made up of underlying mutual funds, so it does not have a ticker symbol. Is there a way to still have Quicken update the value of this index without having to do it manually?


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    Hello @f_stopblues, I completely understand how it wou8ld be troublesome to have to manually update this security, but without a ticker symbol you would have to update the value manually. I know this isn't the most convenient solution and I do apologize for that.
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    Quicken can get prices for securities that don't have a symbol, provided the financial institution provides it.

    Quicken's prices can come from these sources.
    1. Manual entry.
    2. CSV file import.
    3. Quicken third party quote service (which requires a symbol).
    4. Downloaded with the transaction data.
    The big wild card here though is Schwab with the new connection method providing the price.
    I know that the bonds and preferred securities which are also provided by the financial institution because they have no symbols weren't downloading at first.  I don't know if they got all of that fixed, but I suspect this falls into the same category.
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