Downloading from same brokerage firm with different accounts with different user name and pw

Our accounts are held at Wells Fargo Advisory and we have 2 usernames and 2 passwords
for my accounts and my wifes accounts. When I set up my wifes accounts with the different password and username her accounts will not download as my username and password is already in quicken.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    Are your wife's accounts already entered into Quicken?
    If so, go to the Online Services tab of Account Details for each of those two accounts.  If the "Deactivate" button is shown, click on it. 
    Then go to the General tab and remove all Financial Institution Information in the upper right quadrant (everything that is directly above "Contact name").  The number of lines of data that is shown will vary depending on the type of account...just make sure to remove all the data in the fields for those lines.
    Now try Add Account or Set Up Now using your wife's login info.  During the set up process be sure, if prompted, to Link the downloaded data to the correct accounts in Quicken.  Also, if there are transactions already in the account registers, duplicate transactions might be entered.  If that happens, the duplicates will need to be manually deleted.
    Let me know if this addressed your issue.

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  • J Perelman
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    For brokerage accounts the name of the financial institution can not be removed
  • Boatnmaniac
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    That is odd that doing Deactivate did not allow you to remove the name of the financial institution. 
    It makes me think that perhaps your data file might have some corruption in it.  You might want to consider doing  File > Validate and Repair File.  It can fix many data file issues.  Once complete see if you can try to remove the financial institution name and try setting up the account with your wife's login information.

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